Hi there! This is Angie and Danae. Both of us are young women who love Jesus, have a passion for food and sharing it with others. In this blog, you will find some of our favorite recipes, exciting new things we find, and some challenges or words of encouragement.

In this fast-pace, busy time of life, we are trying to practice being present. Between our work and families its easy to get wrapped up in our tasks and miss everything. We are seeking the balance between being committed and taking time to rest and enjoy every moment of life—and tasty food! Whether we’re working on a rush job, making dinner, doing laundry, or spending time with friends, you can pause and appreciate where you are and what you’re doing. One of our passions is food, and we wanted to share these recipes with you. Its our goal to make good tasting food that is better for you—by using quality, local (when we can), and raw products.  So please join us as we explore and share what we find. Anywho, welcome!!

Two years ago, Angie and Danae met through a mutual friend, and then a run in while Danae was on an awkward first-date-not-a-date at Angie’s old work. We hung out once, and instantly became friends. The two of us have many things in common, aside from food. We’re photographers, musically inclined (Angie plays the violin—how cool!), like knitting & crochet, pets, and finding deals—thrifters baby! Oh yeah, and we’re both Italian and may reference to what we call “Italian Grandma-ing it.” This is when we just throw stuff together without measuring and don’t really know what we’re doing, but it works and its great. But in case you want to know more about us individually, just keep reading!

Who Is Danae?

danae_rgbHey, I’m Danae. I’m some sort of strange mix between a rocker and a 90 year old woman. How you ask? Well, I’m a tattoos-piercings kinda girl with dark eyeliner, leather jackets and play guitar, but also have a cat, drink hot water, knit/crochet, and turn into a pumpkin at 8:30/9. I love hands-on activities ranging from knitting/crochet, wood working and drawing; music; baking; and metalsmithing.

I recently got my BFA in Visual Communications (Graphic Design & Photography) and am now working for a marketing agency. Life is crazy busy, and I swear each day goes by faster than the last (what is this black magic?!). I’m honest and upfront about things, not super sensitive, but have a heart for those struggling with addiction. I love authentic food, and dream of learning cultural recipes from people all over the world. I’ve worked with youth since 2008, and love it! But street ministry is my real passion.

Who Is Angie?


Hey there! I’m Angie. I’m a full-time freelance Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer and wife to my best friend and high school sweetheart. I love a good cup of tea, spontaneously dancing, horse-back riding and creating things with my hands.And yes, it is true that I love cooking and trying all the recipes. Especially because I get to bring people together with food, whether it’s just me and my husband, my family, friends or strangers. Some of my fondest childhood memories were spent in the kitchen and I thoroughly enjoy carrying that on to others. I love enjoying life to it’s fullest, exploring and documenting the world around me whether it’s in photographs, hand-written journal entries, drawings or paintings.

I love people, even though deep down I’m a true introvert that would be the world’s biggest home-body if I let myself! My heart is to let those I meet and connect with know that they are loved incredibly and have a bigger purpose and deeper value than they realize. I also have a deep passion for music and play violin, guitar and sing.